Leika Vidali: An ex-space-pirate from the planet Leef. She was exiled after attempting to unveil her crew's insidious plot to keep their ruler, Lord Chloroph, alive longer, at the cost of other planets.

Lyra Kahl: A bubbly Smul from the planet Denz. Cocky, childish, and lazy to the nth degree.

Boogie Kahl: Lyra's sibling, and easily the more grounded and sensible of the pair. Whereas Lyra is always itching for competition and proving their worth, Boogie approaches things in a much more relaxed and coolheaded manner.

Sensi Kahl: Lyra and Boogie's guardian, and the lead spaceship designer in their village. They live for their art, going so far as to work tirelessly day and night to get even the tiniest details perfect.

Glock: An old friend of Lyra's. Their relationship turned sour some years prior.


Spiel: Glock's partner. They don't talk much.


Lord Chloroph: The ruler of Leef, and the mastermind behind the genocidal pursuit for immortality.


Leika's Crew: We don't know these people yet!


S.C.O.V.A.: A 'Super Computer Optimized for Various Acumens'. Every member of Lord Chloroph's fleet is fitted with one, to allow them to converse with the denizens of  any planet in their database. It is hooked up to the subject's brain, and cannot be removed without killing the host, or in the best of cases, putting the host in a coma.


???: Who else are our heroes going to meet along the way?