Comic 65 - Chapter 2 Page 33

31st Oct 2016, 10:00 AM in Glockenspiel
Chapter 2 Page 33
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Luca Bicono 31st Oct 2016, 10:00 AM edit delete
Luca Bicono
And here is where I breathe a sigh of relief and thank whatever powers there be that my manager only gave me half a shift yesterday, making it easier to get the page done on time.

The end of the chapter is just around the bend, guys! Five more pages, and we move on to Chapter 3. I may or may not decide to take the rest of December off after finishing this chapter, just to give me time to make more buffer pages, but I'll make a decision later, depending on work schedules and whatnot.

Also yes I completely intended for the 'body horror' page of the comic to fall on Halloween of course I did what are you insinuating that it was all an accident don't be silly hahahahaha

~Luca Bicono